Getting started for Air New Zealand crew

Aeroster works by emailing your roster to a special email address that's unique to you (it looks something like <username> Any rosters sent to your Aeroster email address will be processed and added to your Aeroster account automatically.

Forward your roster via email

To import your Air New Zealand, simply forward the email Air New Zealand sends you with your published roster attached. It's important you include the attached PDF when you send the email as this is what Aeroster reads when processing your roster.

Updating your Air New Zealand roster

You need to send us your latest current roster every time your roster is updated or changed.
Log into Jetnet and navigate to the  MyRoster page to get your latest roster. Click the View button next to the roster you want to import, this will load a PDF of your roster. Attach and send a copy of this PDF to your unique Aeroster email address.