Getting started for Qantas crew

Aeroster works by emailing your roster to a special email address that's unique to you (it looks something like <username> Any rosters sent to your Aeroster email address will be processed and added to your Aeroster account automatically.

This method allows us to receive and process your roster without any need for you to disclose your QAccess or WebCIS username and password. We've put a lot of consideration and effort into engineering a method of importing your roster that's safe, secure and 100% compliant with Qantas's IT policy.

Sending your roster from WebCIS

  1. Log into WebCIS and navigate to the Send My Roster page from the top navigation menu
  2. Enter your Aeroster email address (<username> into the form and click the Send Roster button

It's important to note that if your roster changes at all during the bid period that WebCIS will not automatically re-send your latest roster. You'll need to repeat the above steps every time there's a change to your roster.

You can save your Aeroster email address within WebCIS so it remembers it the next time you go to the Send My Roster page by clicking the Save button.

Sending your roster from Geneva/CrewNet

Unfortunately Aeroster does not yet support rosters from Geneva/CrewNet, this means we cannot process rosters for Jetconnect short haul or QantasLink crew. We hope to have a solution for you soon!

Updating your Qantas roster

Note: WebCIS does not automatically send roster updates or alerts of unnotified duties to Aeroster.

If your roster changes at all during the bid period, you will need to re-send your latest roster by logging into WebCIS and sending your latest roster to Aeroster.

Aeroster will process your new roster and update any flights or duties that have been add