Air New Zealand

Import your roster

Air New Zealand emails their rosters as a PDF attachment every roster period.

To import your roster, the simplest method is to forward the email you receive from Air New Zealand to your Aeroster email address (e.g. with your attached roster.

Update your roster

Air New Zealand rosters come in two types, Published and Current.

🙋 What's the difference between Published and Current rosters?

  • Your Published roster is what's sent to you by the company at the beginning of the roster period. This version of your roster does not change.

  • Your Current roster can be updated multiple times throughout the roster period as duties and flights are re-scheduled and updated as necessitated by crew control.

In order for Aeroster to remain up-to-date with your latest roster, it's important that you send us your latest Current roster as updates occur.

  1. Log into Jetnet and navigate to the MyRoster page to get your latest Current roster.

  2. Click the View button next to the roster you want to import, this will download the PDF of your latest roster.

  3. Attach and send your latest PDF roster to your Aeroster email address.

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