Import your roster

The fastest way to import your Qantas roster is by using webCIS to send your roster directly to your Aeroster email address using the Send My Roster feature.

  1. Log into webCIS and navigate to the Roster > Send My Roster page from the top navigation menu.

  2. Enter your Aeroster email address (e.g. into the form under Send My Roster and then click Send Roster.

  3. The above will trigger an email to be sent from webCIS to Aeroster with your latest roster.

Update your roster

Qantas has added a super convenient feature that will automatically send Aeroster the latest version of your roster whenever there's an update.

Following the steps above, add your Aeroster email address to the Send My Roster Updates form and click Save.

Now, whenever there's a change to your roster, Qantas will automatically send the latest version of your roster to Aeroster. Easy! 🙌

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